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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Project 2. The Research Project.

So, it's about to become the 3rd week of our research project, I felt/know I've struggled to get into this project,I found myself in a bit of a rut but I am currently working through a surge of excitement of ideas and plans of what lies ahead. It is exciting. So, who am I researching you say? Jeweller, Jayne Wallace, I hadn't heard of her previous to this project and was initially daunted by this idea of digital jewellery?What is digital jewellery? Mmmm i find myself always being such a tradtionalist(is that a word) but on looking through her work there is one study that i am extremely interested in.The memory loss studies. Jayne Wallace looks into making pieces that 'invoke human realational richness.' she works closely with the digital side, but i am hoping to focus more on creating pieces without the digital effects that can evoke feeling. It won't be jewellery, it will be a thing. it will make you feel something,I am focusing closely on memory loss.I f i had more time and knowlege of digital processes i may begin to focus more on the digital side, but that will take more time. I am more focusing on the why, not the how, of Jaynes practice.

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