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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

So...what comes next.

So, this is it?

In just over a weeks time I will have graduated (hopefully not tripping up the stairs, but possibly) and will be standing in my gown in front of the caird hall posing for hundreds of photos, 'for the family'. I graduated with a shiny little 2:1 of which I am generally pretty pleased with . I am a fully fledged DoJ graduate don't you know.

But  errrrrr what now?..well firstly make the most of the lovely time I have left with my lovely lovely class as I notice we all seem to be going back to our normal home lives and well that is just a terrible shame.

So what did we do? Well a couple of us, of course, painted ourselves a delightful shade of blue and headed Revel Bound.

 The ECA famous Degree Show After Party is held in the grounds of ECA, this years theme being Under the Sea  (hence the blue paint). We partied the night away and for one night only forgot that our student youth has come to an end and that the real world beckons.