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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ice by the Harbour.

Yesterday I walked past the Harbour to find it fully frozen over, unfortunately I didn't have camera at hand.Today I went back to the mysterious frozen waters of Tayport Harbour.

It was extremely cold standing, taking photos, but there is something quite eerie and intriguing about the ice surrounding those stranded boats.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

'Our Famous Christmas Sale.'


Boxed and awaiting a sale.
     So the Jewellery sale has been and gone. We tried our best to raffle, to sell and to make on demand all week, but now we wait to find out the final total.

    But what a week it has been, we found great insight in watching what people are drawn to-the price range  and who are customers were buying for. This sale was a great opportunity to people watch,we need to observe things like this as soon we will be graduates left to fend for ourselves. How do we sell?

   Some students made pieces which may hold some similarity to their degree show work,which was exciting to see and makes me wonder what progression their work will take.However, I did not, I strangely went for Kitsch. Think tea for two and cup cakes, yes that was me. Making pieces with a lighthearted nature was both enjoyable and lead me to become slightly more playful with my work.Anyone for a ring with a tiny silver teacup perched on top? I think I am a bit of a romantic...oh wait it is apparent after this sale that I am.

  I hope the sale went well for all the jewellers and for any pieces not sold (of mine) I am planning on keeping them all.A present  to myself for working so hard. haha.

Hello Tiny Teacup.

    I have recently been told I should try and bring flamingos back into fashion?

'It's the way they stand?'

   So maybe our pink friends could be my next  'keeping it kitsch' venture. .

Merry Christmas Everyone,
(and a mulled wine fuelled New Year).

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

SLR in the snow.

Backgarden in the Snow




Plastic Squirrel.

Lets go in search of some bird seed.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Snow Days....

So  apparently people have been 'panic buying' in our local shop...leaving the shop now milk-less and bread-less and basically quite empty.Oh no. Disaster. So off dad and I venture into the snow on this ever so cold snow day.

He drove. I took pictures.

p.s I never left the car to do this. It is cold outside don't you know. 


Land Rover Days

Tayport Harbour,slightly snow covered.


Sunday, 28 November 2010

DJCAD,Final Year Jewellers Present: 'Our Famous Christmas Sale.'

Hello all.

Welcome to our Christmas Sale.

It has become tradition that the Final Year Jewellers annually whip up some goodies for your delights every christmas. With contemporary Jewellery made just for you at Christmas. So please come along and see if there is Jewellery that catches your eye and find that perfect christmas gift this year.

The Important Information:
14th -17th December
9.30 to 4.30 daily.
In the Foyer of Duncan of Jordanstone.
Perth Road,Dundee.

'It won't cost you an arm and a leg... but will look as though it should.'

From all the Final Year Jewellers...

  We look forward to seeing you at
'Our Famous Christmas Sale.'


Follow the link and click attending!/event.php?eid=171573426200810#wall_posts

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Goldsmiths Company Precious metal Bursary 2010.

...and so as a 4th year, *eeek* it is now our turn to tackle this years Precious Metal Bursary; creating a  piece/range which should hopefully link  in with our final degree show. We are trying  to win a bursary which will allow us to use precious metals such as gold and silver(or even platinum etc) which we originally would never have been able to even contemplate using due, to high cost of precious metals.

Excuse any spelling mistakes.
I fear there shall be many  as too many late nights have gone into this, that when I look I can no longer tell.

To Goldmsiths!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Christmas Card goes Live.

So today I googled: 'Roisin Connolly, Christmas Card,' and found these exciting links.

So where better to save them than on the good old blog.

It's been a good day blog-wise methinks.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Christmas Card Win!

The email:

'To create a design or image that will be printable on one side of an A5-sized card, (either portrait or landscape) to reflect 'the immense
cultural opportunities that lie ahead for Dundee' in the near future.

The designer of the card selected as the winner will receive £250 and copies of the printed card.

The card will be incorporated as the official Christmas Card for two MSPs and one MP representing the city in Scottish and UK parliaments and will be sent to around 800 organisations and individuals from their address books and may be similarly sent out by other sponsors. The costs of the card will be donated to charity.'

The Card:
'praised for its' cultural references, colour and particularly the humour of it.'


The winner: to my great surprise I have won,so I now have a little teeny weeny prize giving to go to on the 19th.

Christmas always manages to cheer me up and the penguins do looks sweet don't they?

Friday, 22 October 2010


Scaffold vs castle.

The time is?

I wonder how it would feel to be alone up there.

 Camera Trials.
I should read the handbook but trial and error is much more spontaneous.