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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Lightning need only strike once.

I have been quite stresssed lately. To say the least, so father Connolly took me to the church in Broughty Ferry that had been unfortunate enough to be struck by lightning, I brought both my film slr and a trusted compact digital to capture the damage.

Here are some quick compact pictures.

Thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused in a instant and the irony being that the insurance on the church, does not cover 'an act of God,' So it is still unknown were the funds may come from to fix it back up again.

Lightning is a phenomenon that always intrigues me.

Monday, 3 May 2010

3rd year,coming to a close.

Well it's almost the end of 3rd year, all we have left is grading and grading and more ...grading.But what a year it has been.

None of our work at this point has been officially assessed yet, so as assessment day is looming here we find all the lovely 3rd years in superdrive mode, well most of us anyway(haha). One of our presentations will be based in the corridor, this work will be assessed on both use of presentation skills and the actual work we have created;this can be any project of our choice. The rest of our work is meant to be presented, simply, but effectively with all our work accessible for our tutors to look through, with ease inside our studio space. As space is limited within the studio this can still be quite a task.

Dissertation feedback and my assessment both fall on Wednesday the 5th of May. Stressful times, but one must keep on going.

Thankfully my presentation work is almost finished...*breathe a sigh of relief* but there can never be enough sketchbook work so onwards with sketch booking. That is a never ending task, therefore never will I be able to say I am finished when it comes to the work within these little artist booklets.

The project I chose to put out in the corridor space, is the narrative project.

'tea for two.'