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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Colour project.

So, it is time for the last project of semester one, of 3rd year. oh my how time flies by. This project is the colour project, which hopefully in turn should leave us with a colourful outcome. We are to pick a fruit, that were laid in front of us in our studio. I have found myself with a white grapefruit, a toughy some may say. But but but i am beginning to quite enjoy this project it will be a challenge to create a piece that isn't too literal compared to fruit. I like it. The grapefruit was once known as the forbidden fruit? interesting. The colour yellow is know to symbolise cowardice and deceit...all these little things are factors I am going to take in and amalgamate together to create something good. This projct we are also focusing on using resins and acyrilics something I have yet to tackle so this could be interesting. Time to do some further sketch booking and get my watercolours out.

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