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Monday, 16 November 2009

Deadlines and dissertation.

...Thankfully it is not the deadline of the dissertation (quite yet) but with the end of this project looming- power points needed to be executed perfectly and proposals for dissertations are to be handed in, and final pieces need to be made, it's tense times right now. I found myself having a late night at uni tonight, only to come home, turn on my lap top and do some further power-pointing. There are so many things to think about, I cannot believe how quickly 3rd year seems to be passing me by. It's crazy, I don't feel old enough to in 3rd year thinking about dissertations, didnt i just leave school?(apparently not). How do we find the time to do this? I have work, Ihave hockey, I have uni...I have a life? hahah. oh well.

So this project is going....mmmm well its going anyway, I have what I would like to think should be a lovely idea for a project, however making it just seems to be not as easy as expected. But but but persevere I shall. The memory box will live on( i hope)

Dissertation wise, I think my thinking is going down a very commonly used route so i need to find a way to make it more interesting. But how?I am hoping to look at the culture and society changes through history towards religion and our attitudes towards it,focusing on jewellery and the symbolism it once held and how in todays culture it seems to have lost all symbolism. Symbolism and jewellery seeem to fall hand in hand I know, that's why I find myself drawn to this, as do many others though it seems. I think I will work on finding a more exciting angle.

If anyone knows how to pause time while I catch up, please let me know.

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