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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Playing with Fire.

So today myself and a few other fellow DoJ Jewellers experienced  glass bead making which involved lots of glass, fire and a steady hand.

   It is something I never truly understood the complexitys of,the process in which one must follow in order to create really exciting glass work is magical to watch and learn. Helen, who in my eyes seems a Master of this skill managed to casually show us a multitude of bead making skills in her very own little 'glasswork workshop'.

   She also ever so kindly let us all have a go behind the flames (risky Helen, risky) teaching us new glass work skills, explaining how differing colours have different melting points and discussing how some glass has traces of silver and copper and therefore need to be used in a different manner from others. It was almost like the most colourful science lesson I have ever experienced.

Me trying to make tiny beads

   Learning and seeing new skillls like this will always excite an aspiring jeweller....although this may mean that we may all  head to Helens glass workshop more often now. Sorry Helen, we will get lost trying to find you again so you probably don't need to worry about that. haha.

   Helen currently has a little etsy shop set up selling glass beads and Jewellery that shes seems to be making more of daily. Also, Helen has an exciting blog which constantly teaches us all that little bit more about the possibilities of glass. You can find her blog here.

Thanks again Helen,

....oh and the Cocktails the night before weren't too bad either.  

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