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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Blog One of 2011. Happy New Year.

Hello Cows.

  Hello, first blog of 2011.

  So I have come to the conclusion, writing a blog is addictive. I used to think writing a blog seemed quite vain,risking talking on and on, and on and on all about yourself (you don't have too, but you can) but I think I'm now addicted. My mind is always thinking in Photographs and Blogs.
   For those of you who know me, will know I used to be one to slightly resent technology...I wanted to do things old school like write a letter rather than send an email, use film photogrpahy rather than digital.I claimed NEVER to want a smart phone (a phone is not a cameraaaaa!) and yet here I am failing to use the 'qwerty' touch screen keypad on my overly smart phone *gasp*. Oh how times have changed since this time last year,haha.

 Now that I know that my blog is one of the blogs to be featured on Dundee University  'What they say' page...

...I suddenly feel all this extra pressure to be more exciting or even use correct grammar  in my blogs (both of which are not my forte as since art school I can wholly admit my once acceptable english skills, have fallen by the wayside)
   However this blog is the first blog of 2011 and what better thing is there to discuss than the adventures I had celebrating NYE 2011.

    NYE adventures this year-an exciting adventure up north to the wintery depths of Ullapool and Leckmelm Wood. There, a few of us stayed in a beautiful log cabin (thankyou Merlin) drinking wine and whisky by the warm stove, sitting by the warm bonfire and venturing out in the woods to see the delights the North had brought us. We also ventured out on the 1st of January, were we went to listen to some beautiful Scottish Music,with friends.Perfect.

New Years Day, adventure through the wood.

Happy New Year one and all.


  1. Happy new year Roisin!

    Keep blogging cause I love reading it and looking at your photos!


  2. Thanks Kate. I'll try my best. Happy new year!xx