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Friday, 22 October 2010

Tourist in Edinburgh.

So some of the Jewellers went on a small venture to Dovecot Studios just Wednesday past, we got lost but in the end made it to our destination and wandered around the Jerwood Contemporary Makers exhibition slightly confused/really tempted to play with the tyres? (Just me?) With such a broad scope in the term 'Contemporary Makers, ' we were met with a group of objects which personally I felt didn't seem to work well together. This could have been intentional but it has not been one of my favourite exhibitions of late, but it is always good to go and investigate.

However after a yummy lunch and then stufffing ourselves with yet more food barely half an hour after having our 'yummy lunch,' the Dundee kids started venturing back home, while like the  tourist that I appeared to be whipped out the new camera and got a little bit snap happy. It was difficult times doing this, it was very cold and I wanted to wear my mittens but then with the mits on I was unable to to 'click' the camera. So in the end I had to brace the cold for the sake of 'art'. 

While strolling along I saw this....

Put your best food forward.


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