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Friday, 15 October 2010

1410 Still Frames.

So when I was a small, naive, first year, beginning the general course straight from school and right into the depths Duncan of Jordanstone I was adamant that Animation was for me.

 When I was much smaller I would somehow make Mother Connolly take her little daughter to university with her every now and again (this being DoJ-her being a fine art printmaker.)  She would sometimes manage to work her magic and there I would find myself in the animation studio watching little stop motion animation sets working away,  in miniature. It was magic and the only thing I wanted to do from a young age. So here 10-14years on from those days,I am a 4th year jeweller? Huh? I absolutely love my degree and was instantly sold into becoming a jeweller after seeing the jewellery workshop but the longing for animation/illustration still beckons. In a lecture recently we were asked to explain what our perfect day would be, say in 10 years-where do I expect/want to be? Truthfully  if all went to plan I would be an illustrator of children books, stories which  would then become adorable little childrens TV shows in Stop Motion Animation.I would make jewellery in my workshop by day and go out and take photographs by night, I would have an AGA cooker in a little cottage just out of town with a dog( a springer) and I would be happy happy happy. I want to be able to see programmes on the TV like The Clangers or Parsley the Lion and the Herbs?

...and this is why I am am going to try and attempt to use some stop motion animation as a way of both exploring and explaining my Degree show work. A digital sketchbook, but a piece of art/narrative in its' own right...almost.................................................... Travels

So here I am practising away on different stop motion sites playing about having a jolly good time, using my own personal tiny clanger as a prop (knitted by Audrey).

Fun Stuff.

Hello Tiny Clanger
 I am almost sure I will have blogs in the future talking of the disasterous time I am having and I admit now it may work or it may not but I am sure going to give a go.

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