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Saturday, 13 February 2010

With Love Vanity Fades.

Prep for photo etching my two silver brooches. This narrative project keeps on changing and evolving, it's been great yet stressful, as there are so many ideas floating about but I guess this is just the nature of the beast with narrative work... always leading us in many directions.Narrative and I are going to be good friends nonetheless. I just hope the finish of these brooches is as perfect as it seems to be in my head.I am hoping to photo etch these images onto two separate brooches, but so that they can be worn side by side or individually. The lighting in the UV light box is going to be most critical part, in the perfect execution of this project. To try and pick up as much detail as possible, without leaving it in for too many seconds so that the light floods the images and the detail is lost, is not an easy task.I have set myself a difficult challenge, but exciting nonetheless!!With only a few days left of this project before the jewelllers head to inhorgenta, it's busy times all round. Hopefully the Munich scenery will also set me up for some more promising source project work. I have the upmost and honest intentions to get more source done but it's just the other projects keep on stealing away my attention. I'll fix that soon I promise.
...With Love Vanity Fades...

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