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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Munich 2010.

So I returned from my long weekend in Munich last night and I now find the word exhaustion has never been so fitting.Yet i still find myself compelled to blog my thoughts before the magical Munich days begin to blur into one.

Apart from the plane delays (in both directions) everything else was perfect, our hostel suited our needs perfectly being fitted with a cheap bar and constant flows of german beer with also their nightly extended happy hours.Being only metres away from an s-bann and u-bann we were always fit to travel to wherever germany would like to take us. (I must admit i know almost no german, only danke, which i always forgot to say anyway, so reading directions did leave me a little lost)But mainly we walked, got a little lost, found our bearings and moved on. The weather was cold and the sky seemed quite bright yet grey all at the same time. I came across beautiful old archititecture, cathedrals and much much more.The food was exquisite and Inhorgenta was highly overwhelming. The Jewellery fair was mamoth in size and the wealth that surrounded me was phenonomenal-it was dripping in gold some may say....we were just mere tadpoles trying to find our way in a great big ocean.There was contemporary jewellery, diamond encrusted pieces( not so much to my taste) there was recycled jewellery and tools, there were pearls by the tonne and gold by the nuggets.I cannot explain in words what Inhorgenta is like to a jeweller,it was great to learn so much just a tad initimidating?I don't personally want to be THAT jeweller that pays too much money for a stall, in years to come and then only have minimum spend of over 1000 euro-hats off to those who can i guess. I want to be able to make jewellery that is afffordable to all, I want to make students in metalwork think and understand were life may be just about to take them.Craft is coming back stronger and stronger and i just can't wait fro when the craftmens are going to be called upon.

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