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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Did you Snack Shack it?

 Did you miss out on our first ever  'Snack Shack'??

Shame on you.

Today you lost out on the chance to eat the glorious delights of home made soup and quiche You missed out on Savoury Cheese Twists, Sausage Rolls, Bola,Fritata and much much more.

Do not fret... after the success of today we are sure to have another 'Snack Shack' to help feed you up and raise funds for our ever looming Degree Show *gasp*

Handmade Bunting, made specially for the Snack Shack

Little tulips to brighten up your day as you come to feed.

Little cups of Jelly goodness.

Did someone say Snack Shack?

Don't miss out next time on our Yummy Food.

From all the Jewellers,
Happy Eating.

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