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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Jewellers are not the only Magpies around.

advertising some products

Magpie poster-Collectables of the future I'd say.

...and so within a week of 4th year, the Jewellers did an incredible job of organising the first Magpie Sale of the year, hopefully not to be the last.

Scrounging in our attics, our garden sheds, our bedrooms or even our mothers house we somehow managed to bring together a rather awesome collection of goods to sell to the Students of DoJ.

Was it the bottle stall that tempted you? You won the Tizer didn't you?

   So the Magpie sale commenced, realising that I was the most terrible person at asking people for money I set my sights on selling raffle tickets for the Bottle stall. It was a set price and so I wouldn't be faced with people trying to haggle and therefore find myself giving in to their 1p offer for 23 tubes of acrylic paint. (I didn't actually do that audrey but you get the idea)

'Wine for the weekend, 6 for a £1, or 20p each!!!'

With Audrey manning the desk and all the DoJ Students putting in a valiant effort hitting the cantina getting the students back to the sale and the rest handling the haggling students, we sold throughout the day.

A few of us Jewellers gave the bottle stall a go in hopes of winning our own goods back? I didn't win, I tried with 12 tickets aswell. 

Me-not with a winning ticket

But Elspeth got gold with some 'wine for the weekend.' 

All the final year jewellery kids did a grand job and I think it looks as though the Magpie sale will be on the cards again for all you students who missed out first time.

From the Jewellers. over and out.

We have a winnner!!!!

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