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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Craft Festival Scotland.

Myself and fellow class member Audrey Reid, won a competition in our class with our design for a 'popoutring'. A Pop Out Ring being a ring design, that can pop out from thin card, or plastic (quite a few interesting materials really,but always initially flat) but can be made into something aesthetically pleasing and 3D. Thus the idea being you will be popping out a lasered shape from a flat material- a bit of folding, twisting and playing about and there you have it, you're done.One pop out ring for you. I find it difficult to actually describe what a pop out ring is, if anyone has any other definitions please correct me.

Our 'popoutring' postcards will be given to those attending this years 'Prototype' Symposium, held in Dundee later in June.

It took many hours- both myself and Audrey can honestly and wholeheartedly admit that CAD is not our forte, but with the help of Dougie and Kerrianne our ring designs were soon transformed into wondrous laser cutting templates. Voila, just like that you say?

....and so we waited....

....laser engraving one postcard, after another, after another, only 199 to go Audrey. It was a time consuming job, but one can learn many things about how to outwit the laser machine...

We did it!!!

Here is a sneak peak at the postcard, I wouldn't want to give too much away,but once the symposium is in full swing I will put up some pictures and videos on the lasering process.
Smoke everywhere!

(...and yes that is me, with my little pigtails leaning over the laser machine.)

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