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Monday, 7 September 2009

So, I've just created a Blog.


My name is Roisin Connolly, I am about to begin my 3rd year at Duncan of Jordanstone, doing Jewellery and Metalwork. I'm nervous, things are beginnning to become more intense, the skills of everyone around me seem to be blossoming and people are now beginnning to aquire enough skills to make and design complicted and beautiful pieces. I Love doing jewellery and metalwork and couldn't imagine myself doing any other degree. I though now was the time to create a blog and begin broadening my horizons and looking ahead to after I graduate *touch wood.*


  1. You'll be fine! Treasure it, time goes by tooo fast. I'm a final year-I have no idea how that happened :S!
    Lisa x

  2. ooh! hello! another blog for my links! :D

  3. Hey I'm also in third year S&J, but I'm at GSofA. I feel the same way as you do by the sounds of this post. It's so strange how all of a sudden you realise you've already been doing this for 2 years!